Sunday, October 30, 2011

my farm-to-table pumpkin experience

Two Halloweens ago, I went pumpkin-picking in New Jersey. It was surreal enough to see real pumpkins since we don't grow pumpkins in the Philippines, what more a whole field of them! For some reason, these enormous orange fruits just made me smile!

This inconspicuous sign (we were lucky we noticed it!) on the side of the apple-cider-store barn really cracked me up!

Then the pumpkin-carving began...

And voila! Mine is the third from the left. Was obviously the amateur -- I didn't cut the "holes" big enough so my pumpkin had the dimmest light. But my pumpkin turned out pretty cute, right? I can't help smile when I see its Cachupoy "hair" [Cachupoy was a famous Filipino comedian whose trademark was sporting hair parted in the middle]. 

These would be perfect for tonight when we turn out our lights at 8pm for our family's monthly earth hour (see related post here), which Isabella so responsibly reminds us of every 30th.

For those of you going trick-or-treating tonight, Happy Halloween!

Photos are all my own. How-To layout by moi.