Thursday, January 3, 2013

coat your blessings

Throughout December, I was captivated by so many different coats. 

It didn't help that the past December was oddly summer-hot. Neither did the fact that I no longer had my winter-cold office to wear coats to. 

But because I promised to be thankful here, let me recount my coat-blessings: I am thankful for all the gorgeous coat eyecandy that filled this post - they did make me smile. I am thankful for our winter-cold church that allowed me to wear a coat every Sunday morning. And I am thankful to my friends M & C for hosting our recent Tagaytay vacation that let me chill in a coat.

Especially since, on my last trip to Hong Kong, I luckily found this jacket of Olivia Palermo I had been pining for from here!

Click here for a previous post about more of Olivia Palermo's gorgeous coats.

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