Thursday, August 16, 2012

my pretend closet: Olivia's jacket

I've been smitten with this jacket of Olivia Palermo. I love that the olive safari bodice is paired with leather sleeves. But I have no idea what brand it is or where to get it.

I actually saw a similar one on sale in Zara during my recent trip to Hongkong. My shopping buddy K even tried it on.

But I wasn't very happy with the collar and the length of the Zara version. I just looove how Olivia's jacket can be buttoned up all the way to her chin. I also like that the leather sleeve is longer than the olive bodice.

Maybe if this older Zara version were available, a jacket inspired by Olivia's would be hanging in my actual closet now. 

But it wasn't. So Olivia's jacket will just have to remain in my pretend closet.

Photos from manilafashionobserverzara and here.

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  1. The Jacket she is wearing is from Zara

    1. Wow, Zara has made olive jackets with black leather sleeves - in 3 different silhouettes! Kewl! Thanks for the info! Here's hoping I spot Olivia's on one of my shopping trips to Zara...