Sunday, August 5, 2012

Noah says...

The hubby and Noah are grocery buddies. They often do the grocery for us...

In June, since the summer was ending, we were recounting the places we went to - like the beach, Balik Bukid in Sta. Elena, horseback-riding in Clark and a Bisita Iglesia roadtrip. Then Noah exclaimed, "We went pa to other places! We went to Puregold!"

A couple of weeks later, Noah discovered a huge roll of double-sided tape (yes, he gets excited about such things because as you know, he has super paper powers) and asked who bought it. I said I didn't. So he said, "Maybe Daddy. He's rich eh. He pays for 2 carts nga when we go to the grocery!"

Funny how much of an impact the grocery had on Noah. About the same as our summer roadtrips! And I love how he measures wealth by the number of grocery carts.

Happy grocery Sunday!

Photo from designeditor. Incidentally, aren't those grocery cart & restaurant highchair covers awesome to keep your baby protected from germs? Ooohh, something ocmominmanila will go gaga over.

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