Saturday, August 4, 2012

sandwich art

Who would have thought one could make art out of sandwiches? Well, that's what Brittany Powell did! Inspired by well-known masterpieces, she made art out of sandwiches! The Mondrian above is quite obvious.

It took me a while to recognize one of my favorites, Gustav Klimt's The Kiss - in sandwich form.

Here is Jasper John's Target.

Georgia O'Keeffe.

And one of Damien Hirst's Spot paintings. 

There are also other sandwich artists out there with adorable subjects like this cute giraffe and Tow Mater of Disney Cars!

Just google "sandwich art" and you'll find a Spongebob, Pooh and Sid (of Ice Age) sandwich which your kids will surely love! One of my favorites though is this Wall-E sandwich which comes complete with a step-by-step how-to here

Can you imagine how happy your child will be when he opens his lunchbox to find such intricate sandwich art?

And speaking of sandwiches, thanks to Lady's Choice for the goodie bag they sent me! It was filled with Lady's Choice sandwich spreads - bacon & ham, Lady's Choice mayonnaise, an apron (which Noah already brought to school), and a recipe book of sandwiches.

Let me end this post on sandwich art with this elaborate Nike-running-shoe sandwich. I can make out cheese, tomato slices, hamburger patties and ketchup!

Isn't it absolutely amazing?

Photos from here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

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