Monday, August 27, 2012

beach top-view

Did you go to the beach over the past 2 long weekends?

Photographer Gray Malin took this amazing series of top-view photos of beaches from St. Tropez to Manhattan Beach.

I love the pops of color...

... from the umbrellas,

... kayaks,

... and are-these-towels-or-recliners-?.

They say Malin took the photos from a doorless helicopter.

Don't these stunning photos make you want to go to the beach? It's a good thing we did go to the beach over the past long weekend. The hubbies (mine & two other friends' hubbies) planned a trip to Grande Island in Subic. Sans a helicopter, these are my best top-view photos of our beach trip.

Not as spectacular as Malin's (though I have to say Isabella's octopus is pretty spectacular!)...

... but just as colorful... and much more precious because they're of my Noah & Isabella!

What about you? Did you and your kids have a great time at the beach this long weekend?

Photos are my own and from here via acupofjo.

P.S. Isabella turns 15 today! Happy, happy birthday sweetheart! May you never tire of sculpting sand-animals at the beach! Love, love, love you!

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