Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday!

Isn't this such an adorable kid's room? I love the whimsical touch of a ferris wheel for storage. Imagine how fun it would be to spin the wheel around to get to the toys you want to play with! And wouldn't it make packing away so much more fun? 

I plan to re-decorate Noah's room in a few months so was looking through my inspiration folder and found these old photos from Sweet Paul Magazine. The issue talks about how the ferris wheel actually utilizes the dead space near the ceiling. So it's not only playful & inventive, it's also functional & a clever use of space. I think the mix of wood and the playful elements make the room one that can grow with the child. Oh, and notice the carpet? They're actually smaller rugs stitched together so that when an inevitable permanent spill happens (as is natural in every kid's room) mom can replace just the damaged rug rather than a whole carpet. Plus, the patchwork of rugs looks pretty cool, right?

Loving the whimsy in this kid's room! Have a whimsical Wednesday!

Photos from sweetpaul.

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