Sunday, August 12, 2012

a secret NYC subway station

Who would have thought there was an underground cathedral in New York? Right within the New York Subway System! I'm not really a fan of taking the subway - largely due to my motion sickness here, but also because there's nothing beautiful to look at through the windows of the moving train. So it's a good thing there are glimpses of beautiful art in some stations. Like this mosaic at the Spring Street station...

And these humorous sculptures scattered all around the station at 8th Avenue and 14th Street.

In fact, I see the mosaics of the station names as a delightful break from the rapidly moving (read: dizziness-inducing) walls I see through the view-less subway windows. I think this one is especially pretty...

But imagine something much more majestic than these glimpses of subway art... with tall arches lined with tiles, brass fixtures and skylights.

The City Hall Station, which opened in 1904, was meant to be a showpiece and crown jewel of the new subway station. Sadly, it was closed down in 1945 and is still closed to the public today.

But a few blogs I've read say that in-the-know subway riders can still catch a glimpse of the architectectural station. They say we should take the 6 train. But instead of getting off at the last stop, which is Brooklyn Bridge, you need to stay in the train as it makes a turnaround through City Hall Station to start its trip back uptown.

Am not sure if they still allow people to stay in the train after the Brooklyn Bridge station, but if I were in New York, I'd definitely get on the 6 train to try and view this hidden underground cathedral. Oh, I wish I could fly to New York!!!

Photos are my own and from here, here and here.

Click here for New York captured in beautiful moving pictures.  

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