Monday, February 13, 2012

Color Obsession: gray & yellow

I remember the days when my well-ingrained but ancient design & fashion sensibilities would dictate that cool colors don't mix with warm ones. Remember how I was pushing myself to break my dated self-imposed rules here by pairing gray with camel and silver with gold? Since I started this blog, I've pushed myself to be bolder, to step out of my comfort zone and I've discovered the many beautiful possibilities I never would have even allowed myself to consider in the past. I've certainly come a long way. Now, I not only face the life with a bold "Let's do this!" attitude, but I've also learned not to feel weird about mixing cool colors with warm ones. In fact, I've learned to revel in it. From gray & camel, I've leaped to this delightful combination of gray & yellow.

These pillows make me smile. It's just a simple floral pattern so I figure it's the colors that make it fun. I guess the yellow takes the drab out of gray and the gray tones down yellow's uber brightness and the result is a chic combination.

My kitchen is gray and white like this - more lived in (read: messy) - but with similarly colored dark gray and white cabinets. So now I'm thinking of getting a yellow accent chair for our breakfast nook.

I've always found this kid's bedroom interesting. It seems to be a bedroom that can grow up with the kid. Not overly kiddie that a teenager would hate. The gray and yellow provide a neutral background to the colorful mess of toys of a 6-year-old, but will work just as well when he brings in an electric guitar or drum set as a teen.

This one, just because it's a colored barnyard sliding door, I think I'd love in any color. But it works in gray & yellow too.

And look at the pretty paper possibilities available on Etsy here!

Coincidentally, a friend of mine has picked pewter & marigold as their wedding colors.

But aside from marigold and pale yellow, I've always thought neon yellow looks great with gray (see related post here).

So the past couple of weekends, I've been scouring the mall for a basic gray dress (ideally with a flared skirt). I've already scored a neon yellow belt from SM for just P129.75! But even gray shift dresses have eluded me. I'd also like the blazer of that neon-yellow-nailed woman. Would be nice it was lined in neon yellow so it would peek out when you fold the sleeves! And after seeing Julia Sarr-Jamois' effortless ensemble, I will now add a yellow A-line skirt on my shopping list! Meantime, my yellow belt works just as well with my gray trousers & tops.

Don't you agree that gray & yellow is a delightful, chic combination?

Photos from fromainsley, heritage101gramsofeyecandy, here, here, here, here and here. Check out the feature on my friend Ella's wedding logo & save the date invites on their logo-designers' blog here. And sharing a link to another blogger's gray & yellow obsession here.

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