Sunday, February 19, 2012

dripping paint art

Who would have thought one could make art with just paint in paper coffee-cups and a tall wooden platform? No paintbrushes, mind you!

Holton Rower turns those ordinary cups of paint into extraordinary art by pouring the paint cup by cup...

Color by color...

Using gravity as a tool...

To create a spectacular kaleidoscope of colors that is truly wondrous art.

I imagine each "Tall Painting" takes hours and hours to make. This stop-motion video captures the astounding process in a little over 3 minutes. It is amazing to watch each color drip down the wooden structure and ooze out to form a flower-like rainbow of colors on the bottom platform. Watch how incredible it is here.

Isn't it remarkable how ordinary cups of paint dripping down a wooden stand can turn into such extraordinary art?

Discovered via Creative Mix. Photos are screenshots from the video here or from here and here.

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