Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stop! In the name of LOVE...

It was such a delightful surprise to stop at a heart-shaped red light in The Fort today! Turns out, it's been done in Paris (as in the above photo), but I have to say I love that the stoplight at Bonifacio High Street today was a much fatter heart.

This was my first attempt - through my pretty dirty windshield.

And after a few (okay, several) unpretty attempts via the Auto mode on my camera (Seriously! Try taking a photo of a traffic light without a glow and streaks of light distorting the light's shape! It is difficult!), the hubby came to the rescue and taught me (over the phone!) how to set the right aperture, shutterspeed and ISO to capture this adorable, fat heart that I gladly stopped at today.

To the Bonifacio Global City folks who made the extraordinary effort to create heart-shaped stoplights today, thank you for a lovely Valentine's Day surprise!

The photo I didn't take with my Canon S-90 is from here.

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