Saturday, February 11, 2012

some polka dots i spotted...

Sofia Coppola's Marni for H&M TV ad did it for me. I had been excited ever since they announced the Marni-H&M collaboration last November. Especially because I spotted these polka-dotted fabrics on the worktable of Consuelo Castiglioni, Marni's founder and creative director.

But I absolutely love how Imogen Poots' polka-dotted dress is not of a uniformed polka-dotted fabric. I love that there is a sprinkling of what looks like navy & purple dots alongside the uniform white & cream dotted pattern.

Though I have to admit that I'm still eyeing this uniform polka-dotted blue skirt.

The TV ad here also gives you a glimpse of the playfully chic mixing of prints that is quintessentially Marni. I have been trying to mix prints since this post here, but haven't been very successful. Sure, I've mixed stripes and florals! But I think stripes are a "neutral" print so it's not as bold as I had wanted. So the mix of tribal prints in this dress might just be my ticket!

I am so hoping it's a long dress since the polka-dotted one is short and it will be very hard to justify buying 2 short dresses. Then again, I'm sure that when the selected H&M stores that will carry this collection open on March 8, the line will be so long, buying 2 short dresses (and a skirt at that!) will just make the long wait in line worth it.  

Uh-oh... Will my shopping buddies and I churn out this much again from this H&M collaboration?

Have to argue that this was mostly my friend C's loot. All I really got from the Lanvin-H&M collection was their eco-friendly bags. But with the lovely signature Marni prints of this new collection, I might end up with the biggest Marni-H&M loot this time around.

Photos from instyle, nitrolicious, screen-captures from the TVC and here.

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