Sunday, September 25, 2011

mixing it up some more

When I started this blog four months ago, I started breaking some well-ingrained, but pretty dated fashion rules. Since then, I've learned to mix warm and cool neutrals: camel & gray, tan & black, silver jewelry & gold bag hardware (see previous post here). I've also learned to mix prints in the same color palette (see previous post here). I have yet to learn to mix prints of entirely different color schemes (see previous post here). But here's a new mix I'm actually excited to try out!

Glitter & knits!

Glitter & basic denim or striped tees!

I stumbled upon a long-forgotten black sequined mini-dress in my closet the other day. I am thinking of wearing it under a plum Charlotte Russe knit top I have that has a built-in black leather sash. Or under my striped or mustard Zara tops.

What about you? Will you mix glitter with knits or basics with me this week?

Photos from Zara and J.Crewing.

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