Monday, September 5, 2011

my non-metaphorical adventure

Remember when I metaphorically headed to an island (here)?

Well, am back in the city. With so much more of the mix of excitement and trepidation I felt when I left because this time, I cannot leave the [still metaphorical] island behind as I return to the [also metaphorical] city. But again, I am powering through anyway.

And since I now have both "island" and "city" responsibilities, the over-zealous blogging will have to take a little break here and there. Because this blog remains to be my positivity journal, I will continue to share the dots & things that make my life delightful - just not everyday at 8am like clockwork anymore. Rest assured though that on the days I am on blog-break, I still find (or create) something beautiful whimsical in my life. Hope you will too!

Photos from everythingfab.

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