Friday, September 30, 2011

ready for takeoff

I haven't traveled in a while. I have missed it so much that during my nightly Merville-service-road route, I find myself wishing the nightly traffic would put me at that portion where the service road crosses the NAIA runway (where the sides of the road are barricaded with runway lights). I look forward to that wonderful feeling of being right under a landing airplane. That feeling - the sudden rush - so reminds me of the anticipation of an upcoming travel plan.

Don't get me wrong, my motion sickness as posted here keeps me from enjoying a plane ride. I seriously wish I could skip plane rides altogether and just magically get to my destination. But plane rides lead to wonderful new (even old) places that the sight and sound of airplanes either remind me of a delightful travel memory or ignite excitement for an upcoming trip!

Tonight, I am sneaking in a short trip with my favorite travel buddies. It's just a weekend trip to Hongkong. There won't be any new sights to explore unlike Rick Mereki here who spent 44 days taking 18 flights to 11 countries filled with the most stunning views.

But I am just happy to get the chance to fill up my trusty giant Le Sportsac duffel bag - that is always folded flat inside my trolley when I fly in, but becomes additional luggage (that makes like that car in Sesame Street that fit all those clowns) when I fly out - with shopping loot.

I am also looking forward to the gastronomic experience that always comes with traveling! See Rick Mereki's here.

So ta-ta for now... Hope you have as fun a weekend as I am determined to have (read: am praying hard for a typhoon-free weekend)!

Photos of a 2011 Louis Vuitton ad campaign from theessentialist. Rick Mereki videos via acupofjo.

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