Sunday, September 25, 2011

like button

I added a LIKE functionality to my blogposts today. In keeping with my Today, I am loving... series here -- and even my Today, I am un-loving... series here from my other blog here, I also added LOVE and UNLOVE buttons.

Over 150 posts since I started this blog, I still have no clue what my now 15 followers (a big thank you to all of you!!!) like and don't like reading.

So I hope you will use these new buttons to tell me if you love or unlove my posts so I can keep you, my readers, as delighted as I am writing these posts. Oh, and do feel free to backtrack on previous posts to tell me what you loved or unloved! :)

Photo from here.


  1. Your blog is so nice to look at, very pretty! I love the 'Today, I am loving' and 'Noah says' series.

  2. @trisha Awww... Thanks for the kind words! And of course for inspiring the Noah Says series! :)

  3. 150 posts!! That's a lot and you just started a couple of months ago! :) Maybe you have found your true happiness.

  4. @ocmom Parang coz 150 does not even include the posts on my other blog! Hahaha! Addicted to blogging!