Thursday, October 11, 2012

my pretend closet: COS

During my last trip to Hong Kong, I discovered COS (Collection of Style), a brand of tailored, architectural pieces. I was so drawn to their classic, minimalist and structured silhouettes but I had known then that I was taking a break from work. I didn't think their sophisticated dresses and coats - despite their simple & clean lines - were appropriate for lying on my bed or lazy-boy couch or for bringing the kids to and from school.

But I was so smitten with their colors! They had all my color obsessions: seafoam green, lavender, apple green, coral and mustard.

And I love that their Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection still has these yummy colors! What a happy bright touch to the usual dark colors of this season!

Awww, if only we had Fall and Winter in Manila (or if I had my old winter-cold office to dress up for)...

But since I don't, H&M's premium brand COS' collection will have to stay in my pretend closet for now. Though I have to say it was incredibly hard to resist shopping in such a beautiful store!
It took all my willpower to keep myself from trying on those pretty-colored clothes. But I did try on those white wedges and I have to admit, if I hadn't lost my shopping mojo here, they would have made it to my non-pretend closet.
Photos from cosstores, here and here.

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