Sunday, October 7, 2012

Color Obsession: burgundy

I don't know about you, but the last time I heard the color burgundy said out loud was way back in high school. I remember having a thick oversized burgundy cardigan from Benetton that I would wear over my uniform when it was cold. I've forgotten about this color - almost like Cinderella did with her slipper (I just want to make sense of that photo of a lone shoe). Surprisingly, it is everywhere in the Fall selections of A Cup of Jo's Joanna on ASOS.
It certainly looks like the preppy ivy-league burgundy from high school...
... has turned sexy and flirty!
Especially paired with cherry red and turquoise in DVF's Fall Collection.
Then again, how can it not with the DVF touch?
Check out the signature DVF gold chain detail...
... on this burgundy purse that can hold an iPad.
To be honest, I am not obsessed with burgundy. But I am somewhat drawn to it. Maybe the deep, dark color makes it mysterious & enchanting. And because it's a red hue, it undoubtedly has a touch of sexy, flirty fearlessness. 
Photos from acupofjo, asos and goop (read about the fascinating DVF interview here).
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