Tuesday, October 16, 2012

collection art

The COS website features the Inspiring Art of Collecting with extraordinary collections of some very ordinary things, stunningly captured by Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes' photography. The first is 24-year-old Manon Grootendorst's collection of over 225 soap bars. She started collecting these pretty bars of soap when she was eight years old. Now, she either receives them as gifts from friends and family or buys them herself.

This is Hans Mes' collection of light bulbs. In 15 years, he has accumulated over 3,000 light bulbs, mostly from the 1930s to the 1950s, when the variation in shape was at its greatest. I never imagined light bulbs could look this amazing!

This I can imagine having, being such a fan of washi tapes: a collection of tape rolls. Joep Pingen collects them on instinct, on impulse, and has gotten into the habit of buying two rolls - one for use and the other for his collection.

This next one is my favorite of these four extraordinary collections of ordinary things. This is the Joker playing cards collection of Leonard van Munster, who is said to be quite a joker himself. I think the art at the back of the cards - the different colors & intricate patterns look even more dramatic together.

Don't you agree that these collections are indeed art, worthy to be displayed on glass shelving like these?

Photos from cos.

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  1. For the record:
    Leonard is not called a joker himself!.. this is a stupid text by the maker of the magazine,...

    1. Thanks Don Leo for setting things straight! :) Still love his Joker playing card collection the best! Thanks for reading!