Saturday, October 6, 2012

Noah says...

Yes, it's hard enough to teach the English language with all these quirks. But I'm sure most of you will agree that Filipino is much, much harder to teach!

I remember when Isabella was in her early gradeschooler days, her talasalitaan [vocabulary list] included the word pobre [poor] which, in her handout said, meant mahirap [poor in this context, but could also mean difficult]. After Isabella finished studying her talasalitaan, the hubby decided to test her. He asked her to use pobre in a sentence and she said, "Ang pag-aral ng Filipino ay pobre". Acheche!

Like sister, like brother: recently, while Noah was working on his Filipino assignment, he asked, "What's simbahan [church]?" I had grand dreams of teaching critical thinking, helping him figure it out on his own, so I asked him, "What's simba [go to church]?" He answered, "Lion?" (Yes, he was thinking of Simba from Lion King). Ayos!

Photo from here, but first discovered on my Facebook newsfeed.

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