Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday!

Two whimsical things about me: (1) I loooove candy. I would love to have a room in the house filled with candy. And (2) I love pretty things.

So I was giddy with delight in this literal eye candy store: newly-opened Made In Candy at Powerplant Mall Rockwell!

Aren't they the prettiest candies?

Similar to how they make jewelry beads out of polymer clay, the candy artisans keep rolling the layers of candy until they're almost as thin as pencils.

You can watch these candy artisans mold the rock candy right in front of your eyes!

It's amazing how the huge logs are turned into such intricate tiny pieces of candy! The elaborate bunch of grapes and even the ornate butterfly were quite impressive! Isabella even squealed with delight when she inspected a little orange slice and noticed they had tiny seeds (and not just 1 seed per section like the first photo in this post, but 2 to 3 per triangle section!)!

They come assorted in a tiny jar (PhP90), a pouch (PhP100) and a jam-sized jar (PhP260).

The best part is that they're not only lovely to look at; they're also lovely to taste! Each pretty design is a different mix of delicious flavors of hard candy.

Love, love, love this literal eye candy!

Have a whimsical pretty-candy-filled Wednesday!

Photos are my own and from Made In Candy Philippines' FB page. Made In Candy can be found at Level 2 Bridgeway, Powerplant Mall - right in front of Bayo and La Senza.

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