Monday, March 26, 2012

my pretend closet: mixed-color shoes

I have been smitten by this shoe from Zara. But it has eluded me. I didn't find it in the Zara stores in Hongkong and here in Manila, by the time I got to Zara, there was one last pair in stock - and it wasn't in my size! And maybe because I can't have it, I've been wanting it more. I looove the pop of yellow! And how it's paired with gray snakeskin because as you know from here, I have been captivated by gray & yellow lately. I like the mix of beige and black - a design sensibility that took me a while to love (see related post here). See? It's turned into perfection in my head!

Thank God for the mix of colors in these Pierre Hardy shoes I found during my pretend-shopping spree (read: surfing)... 


And this Manolo Blahnik with a mix of apple green and warm neutrals...

And this SM Parisian by Rajo Laurel. This one actually eluded me too last year. But I did get the purely black version. And though mine doesn't have the pop of the purple & gray combination, I have been loving how comfortable they are! Surprisingly, I can run in them!

But of all the mixed-color shoes I've spotted this season, I am so thrilled that the one that didn't get away was this particular shoe. Zara Hongkong was so fully-stocked with this that my friends K, C & I all bought ourselves a pair each!

I find them uber sexy! And I just looove that of all the mixed-color shoes in this post, this is the one in my non-pretend closet!

Photos from pierrehardy, here, here, here, here and here.

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