Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lego Tales: Lego Moleskine

The release of the limited edition LEGO Moleskine notebooks this month inspired me to start a new series on anything & everything LEGO. Growing up, LEGO was my most favorite toy. My brother was my playmate so those colored bricks were the most gender-neutral toy we could both enjoy. We created so many original things (as opposed to merely following the instruction booklets they came with) out of our LEGO bricks. Aside from the dogs here and here, I also remember building a pinball machine. I even recall that our mom's sister challenged us to make a robot out of every single LEGO brick we had (likely, to get us to clean up our LEGO mess) and we fashioned a giant one with so many moving parts! That's what I loved about LEGO - the possibilities were endless with a child's playful imagination.

True to LEGO's playful essence, the LEGO Moleskine notebooks have a real LEGO brick embedded in the cover to spark one's playful side. Moleskine puts it perfectly, "As a platform for free expression, you can arrange words, sketches and thoughts like building blocks and construct a world of your own." As the colorful inside cover reads, "Think With Your Hands."

Actually, the notebooks do NOT come with mini-figures like these (What they actually do come with are stickers and a rear expandable inner pocket. They come in both ruled and plain, in 2 sizes. I spotted them in Fully Booked Power Plant last week for less than PhP2,000.).

But I just love the idea of putting mini-figs on the embedded brick.

I wonder if Noah will notice if I take one of his Toy Story mini-figs? Hehe.

Photos & quotes from moleskine, here and here.

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