Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today, I am loving...

I have always been attracted to barnyard or horse-stall doors. Probably because of my love for horses (see related post here). I guess that's why this photo of a split-door has been bookmarked in my "pretty-folder" for a while now. I think it would make an interesting backdoor. I imagine it can work just as well as the open-pane door here as a kid's puppet theater or lemonade stand.

I've also bookmarked (& posted here) this actual barnyard door that's used as a bathroom door.

But I never imagined you could repurpose an old horse-stall door like this.

Today, I am loving... these repurposed horse-stall doors.

I love the character & charm that these old horse-stall doors bring to the room. The details are just gorgeous!

And I love the idea of partly concealing a bar or groceries. I also think that putting them on sliding rails - rather than a regular door with hinges - adds to the allure. And of course, the pretty backsplash of that bar is to-die-for! 

Today, I am enamored... by these repurposed horse-stall doors!

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