Saturday, March 24, 2012

be yourself

Just a few quotes to remind you to 'be yourself'.

This one is from Dr. Seuss.

This one's sort of by Kurt Cobain.

Is there a quote you love so much you'd wear it around your neck?

Or display in your home?

The truth is, I'm a painting fan. It never occurred to me to display words-to-live-by in my home. I bookmarked these quotes primarily for Isabella. I thought they were appropriate during a teenager's journey towards self-discovery. I figured the journey could lead to self-doubt. But I should have known my Isabella, who was always feisty and strong-willed even as a child, would be one self-assured teen. Because several weeks ago, I told Isabella I was going to do this thing (I think, it was 'microwave some queso de bola' or 'wear the Uniqlo rainjacket we both had'. I can't really remember.). She said she was going to do the same. So I teased, "Am I your idol?" And she said, "No." Pretending to be offended, she said, "I'm an individual!" I should have known Isabella would always BE HERSELF! :)

Photos from annnniegirl, i'mjustsaying, here, here and here.

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