Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday!

I am chuckling at how this drug company describes the unique benefit of their sleeping pill. "No pain medication, and no pickles." Hilarious!

Help is a drug company with a clever philosophy of promising less in the midst of competition that talks about more, bigger, faster, maximum strength.

They talk about taking less gibberish as each Help product is named after the specific symptom it can help - which is extremely helpful right?

Had they NOT thought out of the box and just created fantastical words that are ownable, marketable and memorable (read: brands) like all other drug companies do, they would have looked like this...

Pretty awful compared to their pretty packaging today, right? I just love that Help's crazy sense of humor and curiousity got them to go to the trouble of renaming and repackaging their products as if they were an ordinary drug company.

I am chuckling at the wit and sense of humor of Help. Clever out-of-the-box thinking really does lead to wonderful things!

Have a whimsical Wednesday!

Photos from helpineedhelp.

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