Friday, November 25, 2011

Noah says...

I love it when Noah is freshly-bathed. One night, after his bath, I inhaled deeply to get a whiff of his freshly-bathed goodness. I told him that he smelled sooooo good. Puzzled, he asked, "What do I smell like? Hotdog? Do I smell like chicken? Barbecue?"

It's funny how 'good smell' for Noah are the scents of his favorite food. Maybe if they were made out of dessert like these fried-chicken cookies, burger cupcakes and butter-pound-cake fries, then they could connote a sweet smell.

But actually, he smelled of his Johnson's Baby Tropical Burst Cologne. I absolutely love this scent on him. From the bottle, it doesn't seem all that special -- an ordinary fresh-smelling citrus fragrance.

But on Noah, maybe mixed with his natural scent and his Johnson's Baby Powder, it smells like... home. And because Johnson's Baby Cologne scents are characteristically substantive but with a light, sheer quality, I am able to appreciate Noah's scent up close! Practically like I'm breathing him in as I hug him! I just looove the smell of freshly-bathed Noah.

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