Sunday, November 27, 2011

endearing gestures of love

This photo booth proposal is harder to accomplish than you think. Pete needed to get the order of the letters right. It wasn't as easy as spelling out the words. The first photo booth set needed to spell W - Y - M - M. And he needed to grab the right letter in the milliseconds between each shot. 

This prenup photo of an engaged couple holding up their parents' wedding photos is also so charming. 

I like the idea of a newly-married couple taking a quiet walk by themselves after their wedding.

And finally, a marriage that lasts. Grandpa's hand over grandma's. In a church. Maybe the church they got married in? What could be more endearing than that?

Have a love-filled Sunday!

Proposal story and photo from acupofjo. Other photos from imjustsaying and sparklesandpretending.

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