Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today, I am loving...

Today, I am loving... the nonchalant style of Selby Drummond featured a few months ago in Vogue's Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl.

Many women are devoured by fashion; but a few have the ability to let style take center stage. As Lauren Hutton says, "FASHION is what YOU'RE OFFERED four times a year by designers. STYLE is what YOU CHOOSE." Selby doesn't seem hung up on what's current. Here she is wearing a relaxed Miumiu dress from last year's Resort collection. She looks so comfortable with herself and I find this relaxed confidence so charming.

It's also ironic how she is able to make those statement Prada shades look understatedly elegant. It's easy for these shades to wear you, but she's able to avoid that - she wears these Pradas in a refined, elegant way.

She seems to value sentimental significance over luxury and fashion. I love how different watches from her mom's vintage watch collection are featured in this series.

She also shows us why she is Vogue's Accessories Editor with the way she piles up on rings, bracelets and necklaces without looking over-accessorized.

Today, I am loving... Selby Drummond's nonchalant style.

Photos from Vogue. Layout by moi.

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