Friday, November 18, 2011

Color Obsession: white

This Christmas, for the very first time, the iconic red Coke can is wearing white as part of a campaign to raise awareness and up to $4M for World Wildlife Fund's polar bear conservation efforts. Donning an image of a mother bear and her two cubs making their way across the Arctic, Coke's campaign aims to help conserve the Arctic habitat of the polar bear - a beloved Coca-Cola icon since 1922. The white packaging - allowing American and Canadian consumers to make a $1 donation per can (which the Coca-Cola Company intends to match) - will be in stores from November 2011 to February 2012.

Even the Fall/Winter 2011 Collections showed that white, generally associated with Spring/Summer, will brighten up Christmas just like Coke's white cans.

Off the runway and on the streets, white capes and envelope clutches are also making the scene.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Photos from here, Vogue and streetfsn.

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  1. I saw that you commented on Cup of Jo's giveaway for the necklace...I am doing a similar one & I think you would love it! Come check it out...