Tuesday, November 22, 2011

technology today & tomorrow

 A recent episode of How I Met Your Mother talked about how nowadays, the internet has everyone's wall of information.

Even dogs'! Haha!

Anyway, it reminded me of this video of Microsoft's vision of the future. It shows walls on the thinnest phones & laptops that integrate with the message board in your kitchen from thousands of miles away, with your airport car's window to show you the building of your meeting the next day, and with your hotel for your digital room key (no need to check in at the counter!). 

And since I am preparing a presentation for work right now, I love how you can copy something from your research to a slide in your presentation with a touch of your finger. I love how you can edit bar charts & add new variables and bars without having to input data - with just swiping your finger or dragging the bars with a stylus! I wish I could do this now with my presentation.

Photos are screencaptures of the HIMYM episode while it was playing on my VLC Player. This is soooo cool... You just need to pause the video at the shot you want to capture, click on Video on the toolbar then on Snapshot. This gives you a high definition screenshot! How's that for the technology of today?

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