Sunday, September 2, 2012

the BER months have arrived!

Can you believe it's September already? For the benefit of my non-Filipino readers: Christmas starts early in the Philippines. It has become a tradition for radio stations to play a Christmas carol or two on September 1.

As if programmed by Pinoy radio stations, then 4-year-old Noah decided to be Santa Claus 3 Septembers ago. He wore an Elmo shirt inside-out & his black Batman pajama pants and convinced (actually, more like demanded) Isabella to make him a moustache & suspenders out of paper (yes, Isabella started the super paper powers in our family. I called it paper magic.).

Then we made one of our wicker ottomans (see related posts here and here) Santa's sleigh and Caramel, our rocking horse, a reindeer. Isabella eventually got into the whole Christmas in September bit because putting those antlers on Caramel was completely her idea!

I eventually coaxed her into wearing a Mrs. Claus costume I wore the previous Christmas at an office party. But not without a binder clip at the back for a shapelier Mrs. Claus.

I never really found out what came over Noah that day in September 2009. But he sure had Christmas on his mind that day. Later that afternoon, he even asked me for a pair of scissors. Twas a good thing I didn't just hand him one because it turned out, he wanted to use it to cut a tree outside and put balls on it!

Can you believe the BER months have arrived?

Photos are all my own.  

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