Sunday, September 30, 2012

Today, I am loving...

Today, I am loving... Patron Tequila's Facebook page. Patron celebrates weekends, holidays and the summer... with a cool cocktail recommendation.
Here's one of their summer posts in June: To drink a Patron Lemon Martini, is to drink summer. Shall we make them this weekend?
Patron Lemon Martini
Patron Silver 1 oz
Patron Citronage 1/2 oz
simple syrup 1 oz
fresh squeezed lemon juice 3 oz
soda and then lemon for garnish
In July: Excuse me bartender, can i add a little watermelon juice to my Patron Margarita? This is summer, right here.
And it is, right? It really looks like the perfect cocktail to enjoy the summer.
And when summer came to an end  in August: Today, we officially accept the nomination of VP of "Not Accepting This Weekend Is End Of Summer". We are not taking this prestigious role lightly so our first act is to present you with the perfect Patron cocktail to kick off an endless summer. We hereby table the Patron Mojito motion.
Patron Mojito
Patron Silver 1 1/2 oz
1 cut lime
simple syrup 1 oz
club soda
fresh mint leaves 6-8
lime wedge for garnish
I love the tongue-in-cheek way they say out loud every working man/woman's inner thoughts. Who wouldn't want to extend holidays and weekends? They acknowledge that we all work so hard all week and deserve a break... and a Patron cocktail treat!
But the post that got me to like their FB page was... This cocktail just looks and feels like a Sunday afternoon, right? They haven't got us til Monday guys. Sunday is ours. Cheers.
Patron White Russian
One part Patron Silver
One part Patron XO Cafe
One part milk/light cream
I have so many friends who start to get anxiety attacks on Sunday afternoons because they're dreading the beginning of yet another workweek. But Patron Tequila's right. The workweek doesn't start until Monday. So my working friends, claim Sunday! It is yours. Savor it!
And do it with these Patron Tequila cocktails. If you haven't tried Patron, you had better! It is the best tequila! If you are one of those who have sworn off tequila because of a bad Cuervo experience years ago, erase it with the wonderful tequila experience of Patron. Personally, I loooove Patron XO, their coffee tequila. But after seeing the cocktail recipes on Patron's FB page, I think I will defer picking a favorite for now.
Especially today, a Sunday, I am loving... the philosophy of Patron Tequila's FB page. They haven't got us til Monday guys. Sunday is ours. Cheers.
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