Friday, September 21, 2012

Color Obsession: army green

Lately, I've been charmed by army green.
Whether it be in solids like this Emerson Fry Fall coat... 
... Or in these oh-so-military camo print.
The only army-greens I have in my non-pretend closet is a set of tapered cargo pants and a button-down shirt. Inspired by A Mischmashed Life's Mikka's fantasy closet, I am excited to add more charm to my army greens with feminine pairings.
I just loooove how Mikka dolled up the manly vest with sequin shorts, a floral skirt, a printed maxi and bling. I adoooore that stripes+floral pairing and love how the army green vest pulls off the mix of prints just beautifully! (Check out more of Mikka's expert styling here. Am so smitten with her work-looks, am feeling a tinsy-bit sad that I'm on sabbatical.) 
What about you? Are you just as charmed with army green?
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