Monday, July 16, 2012

of peekaboos & panels

This is what I loved about Project Runway Philippines Season 3 winner, Milka Redoble's finale collection: the peekaboos & panels.

The curved panels & layers are subtly reminiscent of her collection's muse: the Musa, genus term for the banana. They certainly added interesting detail to her monochromatic looks & structured silhouettes. I found her subtlety & restraint quite impressive. Her chosen inspiration could have led her down the wrong path -- going over-the-top with the silhouettes or horribly literal with the color palette (Can you imagine if her collection was in yellows, greens & plums? Gah!)

The curved panels also put an interesting twist to color-blocking. Am not loving the silhouette of the top, but the skirt is quite fabulous. The uneven peplum (I call it pumi-peplum, hehe) is also of interest.

But what I loved most about this winning collection is the peekaboo lining. None of the photos caught it, but that 3rd dress in the topmost photo actually had plum peeking out of the pockets. The official PRP photo here of the 1st dress also failed to catch the black lining peeking at the slit. You see a little in the topmost photo and more of it in the photo from MEGAstyle. My absolute favorite peekaboo lining (though am not a big fan of the bodice) is this...

I looove those curvy stripes running underneath! Many have called Milka an intelligent designer and I have to agree. I found it amazing that her quietly understated details made such a loud but elegant statement.

Photos from Megastyle, here and here.

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