Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lego Tales: Legoland Humor

Another thing I love about Legoland is their sense of humor. They poke fun in a subtlely silly, crazy way. From a lifeguard reading a how-to book on swimming to an old lady luring some pigeons to (gah!) cook.

To their hilarious restroom sign of mini-figs that badly need to go...

They even put in a restroom - with a man going #2 - in the Miniland replica of the Grand Central Station. Too bad, I didn't get to take a photo, but you might be able to make out the man on the toilet in this photo (check inside the circle).

I think the name they chose for their Italian restaurant was pretty clever.

And this idea of adding a Christmas twist to the San Francisco replica at Miniland via a falling sleigh and firemen holding up an inflatable catcher is quite funny too.

Finally, my favorite of all. This unassuming dog...

... doing what dogs do at hydrants.


Photos are my own except for the Grand Central Station photo, the link to which I've sadly lost. If you know where the photo is from, please email me so I can give due credit.

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