Friday, July 27, 2012

my morning drive - part 2

Speaking of morning drives here, my favorite ones fall on Fridays. Okay, my age will show, but I have to admit it's because I have two radio station options: The Morning Rush's always-funny banter and Friday Magic Madness (yes, I'm an 80's kid). I thought I had enough of a dilemma choosing between these two stations this morning.

But I brought the kids to school today and they wanted to listen to a Disney CD. So I gave in to their wishes - even though I knew I was giving up two radio shows that would surely serve as happiness-boosters for the last day of this long workweek.

Little did I know that a Disney CD would provide more happiness than any radio show could...

Because I ended up driving with the kids' duet of A Whole New World from Alladin in the background. It was so adorable how they sang along with the CD with Noah taking Alladin's parts and Isabella singing Princess Jasmine's parts.

And after we dropped off Isabella, Hakuna Matata came on and Noah loudly sang both Timon's and Pumbaa's parts by himself all the way to his school.

I couldn't help smile behind the wheel as I listened to the kids sing with so much gusto. That Disney CD started out as my third choice for musical accompaniment to my morning drive today, but now, it takes the top spot! What a happy, happy Friday morning drive!

Happy Friday everyone!

Photos from annnniegirl.  


  1. I love the sound of children's voices singing... Or laughing... Or over the phone... Truly Precious... If only there was a way to bottle up these moments..