Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Simple Trick: Cheaper Zara

Disclaimer: This tip only works for petite women. If you're model-like in height or curvier than a medium, this tip won't work for you. Also, this tip won't work for dresses - just tops and bottoms. 

Where, you say? Where can you get cheaper Zara? In... Zara!

But instead of shopping in Zara Woman, try browsing the Zara Kids section. 

Take this raincoat from Zara Woman. It's yellow, hooded with check lining. And it costs P5,990. 

This one is yellow, hooded with a striped lining. But it's only P1,795!

Yes, it's for kids. 

So you need to get a size 11-12 or 13-14. 

Here's another Zara Woman jacket...

And here's the Zara Girls one...

Unfortunately, while the Zara Girls dresses are often cuter than the Woman ones, they're usually too short even for tiny 5'1" me. The great thing is that Zara Boys sometimes has nicer stuff than Zara Woman! Like this striped green shirt with the chambray and striped details. I just looove this!

Yes, we're not just limited to Zara Girls. Zara Boys is also an option. Here's a Zara Boys striped blue button-down shirt... 

See how much cheaper it is than this blue Zara Woman button-down...

Or this striped Zara Woman shirt...

And for me, the double-collar detail of the Zara Boys shirt is much nicer than the Zara Woman options. 

That's why I got that shirt for myself. As well as the orange version of the hooded raincoat. 

So next time you're at Zara, check out the Kids section. They're not only cheaper, they sometimes also have nicer stuff!

Photos from garancedore, Zara Philippines and Zara US. 

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  1. I have checked out the kids section of this shop and think it very rich store and have wonderful winter dresses for kids. I love this red jacket for my kids. Lovely dress and references, thank a lots.