Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Simple Trick: Special Occasion Boxes

When packing for a trip, I waste so much time looking for (and even gathering) all the things I need to pack. 

So I recently decided to set aside a box for all my Travel things. My Travel Box contains the following:
1. Our passports (and piece of paper with everyone's passport details & travel doc photocopies - from a previous simple trick here
2. Wallet with foreign currency "barya" (loose change/small bills)
3. Travel pillows, eye masks and other plane essentials - Since I have motion sickness, my pouch of travel essentials holds my dizzy meds & hard candy together with my inflatable neck pillow and toothbrush-toothpaste set. 
4. Toiletry Bags with travel toiletries - I moved these from my Toiletries Drawer since I only use them when I travel. 
5. Underwear pouches, electronics/gadget pouch, shoebags and packing cubes
6. Universal travel adaptors - I moved these from my gadget/electronics drawer since I also only use these when I travel anyway. 
7. Shades (if you have an extra pair) or an empty sunnies case - My shades are in the sunnies holder in my car. So I put its case in my Travel Box so I'm reminded to get my sunnies from the car when packing for a trip.
8. Just-in-case medicines - Especially when I travel with the kids, I always pack emergency meds so my pouch for these are also in my Travel Box. 

Not only does this box save time when packing, it eliminates my usual checklist/reminder-list of things to bring (read: might forget). The electronics/gadget pouch is a reminder to bring my gadget chargers. My sunnies case is a reminder to get my shades from the car. And the shoebags remind me to pack slippers!

Aside from my Travel Box, I also organized a Beach Box since our beach stuff seem to always be missing when we're packing for beach trips. This box contains all our goggles, sunblock products, beach toys & aqua socks. I also plan to put my Vino2Go tumbler in here.

These special occasion boxes also save time when unpacking because returning everything in their "proper place" is so much faster and easier when their "proper place" is just one box!

Photos from annnniegirl

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