Wednesday, May 27, 2015

how much is that safari animal in the window?

The animals of Taman Safari in Indonesia were far from doggies with waggly tails. Oh, but they were in my window - my car window! 

Taman Safari is a zoo that you mostly explore by car. And as you weave through the one-way streets around the park, the animals will poke their heads inside your car window!

They were inches from my face! If I wanted, I could have kissed a zebra!

As we approached the I-assumed-carnivores' area, a sign at the gate said to keep windows closed. So this lion was still just inches away from me...

Inches away but with a closed window to protect me. See the Toyota printing on the window? 

The other beautiful safari animals were a few feet away, just a few. Photos were taken with an iPhone 5S so you know I couldn't really zoom in that much. 

I loved that they looked like they were in their natural habitat. 

No cages. Just my closed car window and for some animals, those wires stood between us. 

I also loved that there was a pretty wide selection of animals. 

Hungry Hippos!

Simba on Pride Rock?

Sun Bears!

I had two favorites of all the animals. The giraffes were one of them. 

This one looks so meek, it was so cute...

And Isabella spotted a heart on this one on the right!

My other favorite were the zebras. Naturally, I loved these animals that I call "horses with one of my fave prints - stripes"!

I admit, I did feel a tiny bit scared when zebra heads were poking inside both my left and right open windows. It was unnerving not being able to keep an eye on both of them at the same time. I think they were expecting to be fed. 

Sadly, I ignored all the carrot stands I passed on the way to Taman Safari so I didn't have any to give to these I-later-realized-were-herbivores in my window. I did get to feed an elephant bananas though.

The cool thing was that these Sumatra elephants could tell if the people we passed while I was on his back were handing him carrots or money. The elephant would take the carrot with his trunk and his trunk would roll down to put the food in his mouth. If the elephant was handed money, he'd roll up his trunk to hand it to the driver on his back!

Taman Safari was a truly awesome experience! The animals in my window - even though none of them went "Arf! arf!" - made it an unforgettable experience!

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