Thursday, December 29, 2011

do your kids match?

My kids are 7 years apart so it never occurred to me to make them wear matching clothes. Am not really the type to go extremely matchy-matchy, but I find this different-colored pair adorable!

At first I thought it wouldn't be so easy with a boy and a girl. Until I saw this gender-neutral pair...

Adorable, right? And so chic!

I just looove how these particular kids (of Sharon of nyctaughtme) "match". They're never exactly alike (hence the very different pant colors), but there's always something common in their outfits - like socks or shoes or suspenders.

What about you? Do your kids match?

Photos from annniegirl and nyctaughtme. 


  1. How funny I come across your post, right after I blog about my family's holiday outfits :) I am a bit cheesy such that I'd like my family to coordinate (rather than match) when we are out and about town. Hahaha! The point is, really, to look cohesive and well put together, without (hopefully) looking like we tried so hard :) I am a product of a mom who dressed my siblings and I exactly alike, and while I think it may have been "uso" during that time, I don't think I'd do the same for my kids :)

  2. @dose_of_happy You're right! A coordinated rather than matching look is the way to go! Your outfits look like they belong in one fashion collection rather than the one item just in different sizes! :)

  3. Oh foo! I want a new kid now just so I could have a matching set. Too bad my little darling wasn't a twin.

  4. @Selene Hahaha! Now THAT's a good reason to have another kid! :)