Saturday, January 28, 2012

my kind of gal

I am captivated by this girl. She has embraced the philosophy I’ve been writing about in the past 200 or so posts. She is positive and life-affirming. She may not be so domesticated because she believes that “a perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life” (Mary Randolph Carter), but she does try. She knows that “It is better to be absolutely ridiculous, than absolutely boring” (Marilyn Monroe). She indulges, without shame, in things – big or small – that make her happy. She knows that style is personal and enduring, not dictated by what the fashion industry offers you every season. She loves to curl up with a good book on a lazy, rainy day. She dreams big and is bold enough to follow her dreams and live the life she imagined. She is an effortlessly elegant & unpretentiously cultured woman, yet still a girl with a hint of childish mischief, charming spunk and whimsical zeal.
I imagine this perfect gal to have these perfectly fine imperfections.

Wouldn't you want her as a friend too?

Especially if she had this mantra, right?

Photos from sparklesandpretending and annnniegirl. Matchbook is an online lifestyle magazine that inspires women to design a life they adore. Enjoy a field guide to a charmed life here.

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