Saturday, January 7, 2012

Color Obsession: gold

I was always a silver rather than gold kind of gal. I had always thought gold was tacky. But I realize that lately, I've been drawn to gold. I still prefer rose gold, bronze & antique gold over yellow gold, but I've certainly been wearing gold jewelry more these days (especially my 90-year-old Lola's vintage jewelry which are all sorts of gold).

There is definitely an air of opulence to gold. Particularly on the dinnertable. Don't these gold chargers make this table quite elegant? Especially with the crisp, black napkins!

I'm totally charmed by this gold silverware (Ironic, right?).

I love the contemporary style of this silverware. Imagine if these gold utensils had those ornate curly-cue carvings? They wouldn't be fit for home-use - unless the Queen of England came to visit! This sleek deco design makes them appropriate for dinner parties at home.

On the other hand, this ornate front facade wouldn't be the same without the elaborate gold curly-cues. Now isn't this the most regal-looking city hall?

I also love the gold and navy combination. Isn't this gold tray set off perfectly by the striped navy bedlinens? Is there anything more chic?

Even when worn, navy tones down gold and gives this sparkly skirt a stylish but effortless look. 

Yes, gold... paired with black or navy... is worth obsessing about. After all, everyday should be filled with effortless elegance.

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