Saturday, March 16, 2013

there's a new missus in town

Two of my fave travel & foodie buddies - J & K - are getting married today!

Funnily enough, J jokingly refers to me as the missus because during one trip, we ended up loading one cart with his & my luggage so we had to pass the Immigration Officer together. The Immigration Officer asked us if we were married and at the same time, I gave a vehement "no" and J mischievously answered "yes" -- which led to him having to sheepishly say to the Officer that "I'm still working on getting her to say yes". Since then, both J and K jokingly call me J's "misis".

And so today... I am happily bequeathing the role of missus to J's, now true missus: K.

I cannot be happier to witness these 2 friends of mine officially become Mr & Mrs. They were never a showy, mushy, PDA-type of couple.

But I've traveled so much & spent enough time with the two of them to have caught subtle sweet moments of affection between them.

That's why I know that even though these public displays of affection will never actually happen, I know that they are both feeling the exact same emotions deep inside...

Right J?

And K?

Here's to a beautiful wedding and a happy, wonderful life as Mr. & Mrs.!

Photos from annnniegirl

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