Thursday, November 29, 2012

Simple Trick: Magazine Christmas Trees

Is it okay that I still haven't put up our Christmas tree if I made this one out of an old magazine?

It's actually quite easy to make. In fact, I did it while watching a DVD. :)

I started out with an old Preview mag. A 200-page magazine will make a tree as fat as mine. So pick a thicker magazine if you want a fatter tree (but I read here to not go over 250 pages. Not sure why.).

I folded the upper-right corner of the first page so it meets the inside seam and makes a fat triangle like this...

Then I folded the page again to form a thinner triangle...

Then I flipped the page so the back of the thin triangle page is facing me...

Then made a crease with the bottom flap like so...

Then inserted the flap inside the triangle...

... to make my first Christmas tree page...

I repeated these steps for a couple of pages, then realized there was an easier way to get the excess flap inside the triangle!

I "opened" the thin triangle and folded the flap before "closing" the thin triangle again...

And voila! A new Christmas tree page!

Around halfway through the magazine, this how it looked...

And once all the pages were done, I did the same to the cover pages. But to "seal" the tree, I tucked the flap of the back cover inside the front cover's triangle.

Learned this simple trick from my DIY-expert friend C (who got this idea from the Martha Stewart). C used one of her son's activity books and I think plans to spraypaint it in gold or silver. Pretty, right? 

But if you are like me, who can't reach spraypaint levels, I suggest you pick a magazine with more brightly-colored pages than white ones with text. Or pick a completely white book for a white Christmas tree like this. 

Oh, and one important thing you need to do before you start folding is to break the spine. I didn't do this so my magazine's spine is visible on the backside of my tree. To break the spine, open the magazine out fully, fold it back so the covers touch and crease the spine. Do this at different parts of the magazine. Then... fold away!

Photos are my own, edited via my iPhone's pixlr app, and from here and here.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I know, (Mom and my handful of friends who graciously follow my blogs, I know), I've been deliquent... Neglecting to post anything since... gosh, Halloween!

It's been pretty hectic. 

Am still trying to get used to juggling (surprisingly) so many balls and a little boy (Seriously, I don't know how I got by with all these non-work to-do's when I was working 14-hour days!). I haven't even put up our Christmas tree (Next week, I promise!).

But I've been bursting with blogpost topics the whole time.

Just haven't gotten the chance to sit down and actually write them. Soon... Slowly... Will catch up on my many overdue posts... So please keep checking for new posts, okay? And forgive me if my posts are no longer current nor life-changing & brilliant. :)

Photos from heritage & nyctaughtme.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

halloween hangover

Isabella wasn't with me when I discovered Made In Candy in Powerplant Mall here. So I brought her there last weekend to replenish our stash of literal eye candy and let her watch the candy artisans work their magic.

And they did! They had just started working on a customized design when we arrived. Here's the sketch they had up on their glass wall.

They stuck strips of black & orange candy together to make the jack-o-lantern's mouth. Three triangular black rods formed the eyes & nose.

See the jack-o-lantern starting to form?

Then they added the green strip to form the stalk & a lot of white candy for the background.

They then wrapped it with a mat made out of orange (& dark orange) candy strips.

And voila! The jack-o-lantern in a huge cylinder!

The candy makers then pulled & tugged with all their might on one end of the huge roll until it stretched out into a thin tube.

Which they sliced into the finished product...

Isabella loooooved it! She had track & field practice that day but gave it up to watch the candy being made. She kept gushing, "I want to work here! I really do Mommy!" So much that she even asked one of the owners about the possibility of a summer internship.

Look how happy she was, finally tasting the candy we had watched being made for close to an hour!

Really love that 15-year-old Isabella is still a kid! :)

Now what's with the title of this post? I guess the halloween part is self-explanatory. Hangover, on the other hand, has to do with how delayed this Halloween post is (I mean, it's already November!). And the delightful surprise of this new candy design in our new stash of candy (the first batch I bought didn't have this particular design)... A tiny pink martini!

The best part is it tasted sooooo good! Like pink grapefruit martini or maybe pink lemonade. Certainly the kind of candy I can be drunk on! :)

Photos are my own and from Made In Candy's facebook page.